Marc Anthony sat down with John Quinones of ABC News recently, and in a few moments described some feelings that many people obtaining a divorced experience, including those from Ohio. Maybe it was easier for Anthony to describe the experience because the divorce between him and Jennifer Lopez will surely leave neither of them struggling financially. The point is, as Anthony seemed to be saying, the process of reaching a joint decision to divorce was one of equal recognition that the marriage was no longer "sustainable."

Rather than talk about the negatives or respond to idle gossip of who slept with whom (other than to say he didn't sleep with anyone), Anthony focused on the fact he will always love Jennifer, with whom he shares twin 3-year-old children -- a boy and a girl. He pointed out that their divorce was "not a funeral," nor a burial. He seemed accepting of the fact that sometimes things just no longer click, and that both will perhaps be better off for parting ways.

High asset divorce is not always as genteel as it appears to be between Anthony and Lopez. It appears, though, that Marc and Jennifer are well on their way to establishing the post-divorce communication they will need to raise their children.

While not everyone can part peacefully, it is worth the effort and might lead to a couple getting along better after the divorce is over. In Ohio, an attorney experienced in handling divorces may help an individual stand up for their legal rights while also striving to maintain an open line of communication with their future former spouse.

Source: TODAY, "Anthony: Divorce from J. Lo 'not a funeral'," Sept. 1, 2011