The motivations behind child custody petitions in Ohio are numerous. For some parents, it is simply so they do not have to pay a higher child support amount. Often it is because the parents can't bear the thought of living away from their children. Sadly, sometimes the custody battles are because there are accusations that the children are being abused.

Most people could not imagine the horror of sexually abusing a child. However, an Ohio woman has been accused of just that in a recent child custody case in Columbus. The 24-year-old mother of a 10-month-old boy allegedly sexually abused the baby and sent a video of the incident to the baby's father.

The woman is said to have videotaped herself raping her son and sent the video to her boyfriend by email. She was subsequently arrested and is being held on $1 million bond. The baby is staying in Ohio with the maternal grandmother, and the baby's father traveled from Michigan immediately following receipt of the video to seek to regain custody of the child.

The child's father filed a child custody petition in Franklin County Municipal Court, but was apparently told he had to go back to Michigan and file the child custody order there. A court representative purportedly told the father the petition must be filed in Michigan because the baby was born there, although he may have fared better by consulting an Ohio attorney well versed in child custody and emergency relief. The baby's paternal grandfather is noted as saying that once they have the order for child custody from Michigan, they may be able to take the child from the maternal grandmother.

The family reportedly left Ohio earlier this week to file the order in Michigan. The incident described in this case is horrific. It is important the father in this case and any parent in other child custody disputes pursue the necessary legal remedies for the protection of their children. A family law attorney experienced in child custody litigation may help understand applicable law and procedure and fight for what is truly in the best interests of the children.

Source: 10TV, "Father Wants Custody Of Baby Allegedly Sexually Abused By Mother," Sept. 6, 2011