Love and loss can be very complicated things. Ohio residents have likely heard of the recent case of the famous boxer Arturo Gatti. According to reports, Gatti and his wife signed a prenuptial agreement that stated his wife would not receive anything from Gatti if they were to divorce.

This has left both his wife and his family in turmoil, as he died while vacationing in Brazil in 2009. Gatti's family has argued that the Brazilian authorities' conclusion that the boxer committed suicide was inaccurate. Gatti's family and widow are now in a court battle over the decedent's estate.

Apparently, the couple had been having marital issues prior to Gatti's death and was considering a divorce. They took a trip to Brazil together and shortly after their arrival the boxer reportedly died.

Supposedly, Gatti insisted that his wife sign a prenuptial agreement prior to their vows. In a purported act some time after their marriage, the boxer reportedly tore up the prenup in a demonstration of love for his wife. Albeit the original document was still on file at Gatti's attorney's office and the one he destroyed was only a copy - leaving the prenup still valid.

Prenuptial agreements are a common document that both parties sign prior to marriage. The document dictates what is to come of marital property in the case of divorce. In Ohio, anyone considering divorce with or without a prenuptial agreement may want to seek the services of an experienced divorce attorney. They might help in understanding the laws in our state and may also be able to assist in reaching an amicable agreement in any divorce proceeding.

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