Recently, the spouse of one of the stars of X-Men filed for divorce. The high asset divorce is said to be a mutual decision but as many Ohio residents know, divorce is rarely a clean-cut affair. The couple has been married since 2000, and their divorce will presumably involve the complex division of marital property.

The spouse, Lisa Linde, cited irreconcilable differences in filing the divorce last month. She married James Marsden, who is known for his roles in X-Men and other films, 11 years ago. The couple shares two children, ages 6 and 10.

Linde stated in the divorce documents she is seeking spousal support and joint legal and physical custody of the children. Although the divorce is said to be mutual, these two issues may prove contentious, especially the matter of spousal support. The issue of child custody may prove especially difficult as it is not always easy to come to an amicable decision regarding all relevant issues, even when both sides have stated their intention to pursue joint custody.

Moreover, because this is a high asset divorce, there will likely be tricky issues to solve such as an equitable and fair distribution of assets and property. Both sides should seek the advice of separate legal counsel, if they have not already. In cases like these, the aid of an experienced attorney may prove helpful in achieving a just result.

Similarly, Ohio residents seeking or considering divorce may benefit from consulting with a divorce attorney. The attorney may be able to provide assistance with filing the necessary divorce documents and pursuing the best result possible. Indeed, people often make mistakes during the divorce process that do not manifest themselves until it is too late. Working with an attorney may prevent such mistakes.

Source: The CTV News, "X-Men star James Marsden's wife files for divorce," Bang Showbiz, Oct. 1, 2011