One high asset divorce that may interest some Ohio families involves Tareq and Michaele Salahi. They are the couple that crashed a White House State dinner party back in 2009, thus gaining them some notoriety nationwide. They are back in the news, after husband Tareq Salahi filed for divorce in Virginia. This is one high asset divorce that promises to come with a few fireworks.

According to Mr. Salahi, his wife is having an affair with her former boyfriend and Journey guitarist Neal Schon. He says his wife vacated the couple's home in Virginia on September 13 to be with Schon in Tennessee. He had first reported her missing, fearing she had been kidnapped. Police located her in Tennessee, where she assured them she was "where she wanted to be."

Married since November 2003, the couple are said to have a prenuptial agreement. However, the terms of the agreement were not revealed. The husband has asked the court to allow him to remain in the family's home. In addition, he has asked that the court prohibit either party from threatening each other or harming the current value of marital assets.

Any divorce is difficult, often involving a sordid combination of emotions and financial issues. The only thing different about a high asset divorce is that there may be more marital property to fight over, beginning with a review of any pre or postnuptial agreements between the parties.

While this case will now proceed through the court system in Virginia, Ohio residents contemplating divorce may also benefit from consulting a local attorney experienced in handling all aspects of matrimonial litigation, including high net worth divorce. The lawyer may answer important questions and help fight for an equitable resolution of all personal and financial issues to enable each party to move on to a new beginning.

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