In Ohio and elsewhere, divorce does not always need to be contentious. In some cases, a collaborative divorce whereby the individuals work together to dissolve the marriage in an amicable fashion may be possible. Unfortunately, as has been the case with Kelsey Grammer's most recent divorce, this isn't always the case.

Fans of Grammer may recall that he recently married his fourth wife after a litigious divorce with his third wife. That divorce reportedly came after his third wife repeatedly made threats to split the marriage, and eventually Grammer grew tired of the threats and decided to divorce.

While most of those proceedings have been finalized and he has since remarried, Grammer and his ex-wife are still engaged in a child custody battle. No information was available regarding what issues remain unresolved, but child custody disputes can often prove bitter, as both parents believe they are acting in the best interests of the child. Some common and difficult problems are holiday and weekend arrangements, as well as child support payments. What is important is that parents, aided by their attorneys, are ultimately able to decide on a workable plan.

It is probably fair to say that both Grammer and his ex-wife are benefiting from the advice of attorneys experienced in high asset divorce and child custody disputes. But, of course, not just celebrities need attorneys who are able to work together to find a solution that is equitable to everyone involved. Couples in Ohio seeking divorce should consider meeting with a divorce attorney to ensure that child custody and assets are handled with a clear eye for the facts and the best available options.

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