Earlier this month, actor-comedian Russell Brand confirmed the speculation of media reports in Ohio and throughout the country by announcing that he had filed for divorce from his wife, singer Katy Perry. Although the couple is remaining fairly quiet about the state of their affairs in divorce, it has been reported that they did not sign a prenuptial agreement prior to getting married.

Perry and Brand were married in October 2010 in India. But because they reside in California, they most likely have a marriage license in that state and, as such, will finalize their divorce there as well. This means that their income and assets will be subject to community property laws.

In community property states, everything that is earned by either spouse during their marriage must be divided equally among them at divorce. In contrast, Ohio and many other states require equitable division, in which the family court judge divides the marital property equitably among the spouses in accordance with a variety of factors.

During Perry and Brand's 14-month marriage, Perry is believed to have earned approximately $45 million. Brand, on the other hand, made about $7 million. As such, Perry could lose some $20 million in the divorce when all is said and done.

However, it is fairly unlikely that the couple's high-asset divorce will be adjudicated in court. In order to keep things private, they will probably attempt to negotiate a settlement, complete with a confidentiality clause.

Even if you don't stand to lose $20 million, a prenuptial agreement may be a good idea for you and your marriage. An experienced Ohio family law attorney can help you determine whether a prenup is a good decision for you.

Source: The Today Show, "Who walks away richer from Perry-Brand split?" Leslie Gornstein, Jan. 4, 2011