If you are divorcing with children, you are probably - and rightly - concerned with the well-being, health and happiness of your kids both during and after the divorce. According to educator and author Claire Barnes, there are many common phrases thrown around regarding children and divorce that are not completely accurate. Ignoring or minimizing the emotional risks to your kids, Barnes says, has the potential to cause life-long emotional damage.

However, by being aware of these risks, you can help your children get through the divorce with minimal harm. In this spirit, Barnes offered and debunked three common myths regarding divorce and children.

Myth #1: Our child does not notice what is going on between us. Barnes says that, even if you make a concentrated effort not to fight or argue in front of the children, they will be able to sense the tension between you and your spouse. Kids catch on to body language, tone of voice, gestures and other nonverbal communication, and can easily deduce what is really going on.

Myth #2: Our child knows that our divorce is not about them. This is especially untrue for young children, Barnes says. During early childhood, a child's entire world revolves around them. Therefore, it makes sense that they think the divorce revolves around them as well. This also affects older children and teenagers.

Myth #3: Our child will be fine. To be fair, Barnes says, this is not always a complete myth. It will likely take work, and possibly professional help, to ensure that your child comes out of the divorce unscathed. But with love and dedication, it is definitely possible.

Source: Huffington Post, "The Kids' Will Be Just Fine And Other Divorce Myths," Claire N. Barnes, Feb. 3, 2012