Whether in Ohio or across the country, it is clear that settling financial matters during the process of a divorce can be difficult and complex. This is especially the case when there is a significant amount of money or worth involved in a high asset divorce. However, when one spouse has been in the military, the division of a military retirement plan can make matters even more intricate. There are a lot more procedural hurdles for ex-military-spouses.

While military divorce rates are higher than the divorce rates of the general population, there is no clear and simple system that allows an ex-military-spouse to easily collect benefits from their ex-spouse's military pension. This is due to the rules that govern these retirement programs, as well as the complex nature of military divorce and all the different processes involved.

Not only this, but the government is only required to facilitate the payment of benefits to an ex-spouse if the marriage overlapped 10 or more years of the military member's service, otherwise it is up to the military member to make these payments on their own. In these cases, the couple might need to seek a settlement in divorce court.

Due to the complexity of a military divorce, it is important for divorcing couples to be well aware of all of the intricate processes involved. Individuals may need to seek legal help from an attorney for guidance. If couples do so, it will allow individuals to receive all of the benefits that they deserve.

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