There seems to be expos and conventions for almost any topic or hobby these days. Ohio residents may have heard about one of the latest trends that is gaining popularity recently: the divorce expo. These expos, in contrast to wedding expos, present couples going through a divorce -- as well as post-divorce singles -- with panels and resources they can use to navigate the potential stresses of a divorce. Especially in cases of a high asset divorce, the information and resources provided in these expos could prove invaluable in the negotiations minefield and also in adjusting to a new life as a single person.

Observers say these types of conventions are not intended to promote divorce. Rather, they are intended to build a community of people who are wading through the often difficult waters of divorce. The hope is that it may make divorce less of a social stigma and allow people experiencing it to take advantage of financial and legal advice, which may lead to a smoother process. It can also promote a more positive relationship with an ex-spouse after the marriage is dissolved.

There may be some skepticism surrounding these expos, but they appear to provide benefits for those who attend. Nevertheless, a generalized expo or convention will likely never be able to provide the same one-on-one attention an individual professional could give.

Ultimately, divorce can be a very complex process. Therefore, Ohio couples that are experiencing a separation may benefit from working together to achieve settlements that are truly equitable.

Source: The Wall Street Journal, "Divorce Enters Expo Age," Sumathi Reddy, March 28, 2012