Divorcing Ohio couples may not feel they have much in common with the former multi-millionaire Yahoo! president, but readers may be able to take a lesson of self-control from her long-running divorce. The couple - the ex-Yahoo! president and her former investment banker husband - have finally settled their high asset divorce after filing in 2007 and spending the last several years battling over what has now become their final settlement. This debate not only dealt with simple disagreements over division of assets and provisions for the couples' three children, but it also involved accusations of infidelity, illegal drug use and even spying.

Each ex-spouse has accused the other at some point during the divorce proceedings of extramarital affairs as well as use of illegal drugs. The former Yahoo! president has also been accused of bugging the couples' beach condo in a supposed attempt to spy on her husband. However, these accusations were recalled by both parties in the end, claimed to be reckless, inaccurate and simply a consequence of an acrimonious divorce.

Accusations such as these, though, could have serious consequences. One could confront criminal charges for things like illegal drug use even if they are completely innocent of the accusations.

Divorce can be a stressful and emotional process and lead to some pretty reckless accusations as one party seeks to gain the upper hand over the other. However, as in any situation, what one says in anger can lead to significant repercussions. Fortunately for this couple, the issues appear to be behind them, allowing them to finally achieve the divorce they wanted.

Source: The Washington Post, "Ex-Yahoo president settles long-running divorce in case that showed Silicon Valley seamy side," April 23, 2012