Divorce is an understandably a stressful process for any couple, whether in Ohio or elsewhere. It can sometimes feel unfair for one or both parties involved. This can be especially true in circumstances of military couples where a service member may be deployed far from his or her family for significant periods of time. To make matters worse, military service is sometimes used unfairly against a parent who is also a service member when deciding child custody.

To correct this injustice, new legislation has been proposed that would prohibit courts from using a military member's service against them when determining child custody matters. Additionally, the legislation would prevent previously existing custody agreements from being permanently changed because of military service while a military parent was deployed. While this legislation may give military participants peace of mind in regard to their rightful custody over a child, no final bill has been passed.

The pending federal legislation attempts to protect service members' rights, but it still allows custody settlements to be changed, only temporarily, when a military parent is deployed. This option helps serve children's needs during the deployment period.

Ultimately, a child custody agreement settled during divorce should be in the best interest of the child, but the effect of military deployment on a child is still the subject of ongoing debate. Regardless, Ohio military parents may wish to follow the pending bill in order to gauge the effect it has on child custody issues. Furthermore, if you have further questions about child custody matters, you can always contact a knowledgeable family law attorney.

Source: Army Times, "Bill would strengthen child custody protections," Rick Maze, April 2, 2012