Divorce is not a path that every Ohio resident hopes to take, especially when he or she has been down that road before. There is a lot at stake, and in a high asset divorce, there is often even more at stake. Years ago, Jennifer Lopez was married and eventually got divorced. She subsequently married Marc Anthony and had two beautiful twins with him. Unfortunately, the couple is now filing for what amounts to a high asset divorce.

Anthony and Lopez married in June 2004. The couple split in July 2011. In the divorce filing, Anthony requested joint custody of the twins. However, sources say that the divorce, which was filed by Anthony on April 9, has turned a corner -- and not a good one.

It seems that Anthony's representatives are trying to contact J. Lo's previous husband to find out if they were seeing each other secretly during the time that Anthony and Lopez were still together. Supposedly, there were allegations that Lopez, who has a solid career right now with American Idol, was seen with her previous husband before and after the birth of the couple's twins. In addition, there is also suspicion of Lopez having offshore accounts. It is claimed that her first husband may have information. For this reason, reports suggest that Anthony may be attempting to get his hands on this information in an effort to obtain a larger financial settlement.

Any type of divorce can quickly turn into an ugly war. This is especially true when one client is pressing for a larger financial settlement. Regardless, if any Ohio residents find themselves in the middle of what may be a heated divorce battle, it would be beneficial to meet with an experienced attorney. A lawyer can help gather evidence that will assist a divorce case.

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