Some Ohio residents may know firsthand the uncertainty that comes along with going through a divorce, as well as the potential to lose out on money to their ex-spouse in a settlement that they feel they rightfully deserved. Oftentimes this can be assets earned prior to a marriage, or personal retirement plans like a 401(k), among others. There are ways, though, that these losses can be limited or avoided: with prenuptial agreements.

While no one likely goes into a marriage expecting to get a divorce, the divorce rate across the country may speak for itself. Many find it is in both their best interest and the best interest of their spouse-to-be to put together one of these agreements in the event a divorce were to occur.

These agreements distinguish what is separate property that an individual would retain through divorce, as well as shared marital property that would be divided between spouses upon a divorce. In the cases of accounts like 401(k)s that accumulate funds over time, it may also be established that money added to this account is retained as an individual's property through a divorce.

Going through a divorce can be a stressful time, and having to work through finances to divide assets and debts fairly between spouses can make it even more so. Prenuptial agreements, for couples in Ohio and elsewhere, work to alleviate some of this stress by already establishing some of these divisions of assets. Even though divorce is not often expected upon getting married, many find there is no harm in being prepared.

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