In Ohio and elsewhere across the country, it's hard to escape the celebrity gossip industry. Our mass attention to the antics of these celebrities may seem ridiculous to some. However, much can be learned by the mistakes and successes of these people, especially when it comes to divorce and prenuptial agreements.

Celebrities are more often than not wealthy people. When they divorce, there are usually large assets to be divided between the couple, which can lead to lengthy court disputes and nasty arguments over who deserves what. We may not wish to emulate these difficult divorce battles, but there may be one thing that we can learn from these celebrities: the power of prenuptial agreements.

Celebrities with a large amount of wealth often wish to retain their assets from their spouse in the event of a divorce. It isn't difficult to find a case of a celebrity losing half of their assets to a non-celebrity former spouse in a divorce, despite being the one who contributed the majority of those assets to the marriage. On the opposite side of the case, one spouse may be left with less than they feel they deserve in a divorce settlement.

Prenuptial agreements allow wealthy couples to ensure both individuals are at least left with some fair amount of assets from the marriage should a divorce occur. It has been discussed on this blog how a prenuptial agreement may protect assets such as retirement funds for Ohio couples; however, prenuptial agreements appear to be especially beneficial to high asset individuals looking to get married. Wealth may change and individuals may begin to earn more or less money through the course of their marriage. This could lead to some difficult settlement discussions in a divorce; however, a prenuptial agreement appears to only do good for these types of couples.

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