When a couple goes through a divorce, emotions can be tense and neither spouse may want to cooperate with the other to reach a quick and fair settlement. Cincinnati couples who have gone through the process of divorce, though, may agree that a high asset divorce can go much smoother with both spouses attempting to work together peacefully. The divorce drama of celebrities and other high-worth couples does not have to be a reality for everyone.

One couple that is in the news lately for their divorce is an example of this. Courtney Cox and David Arquette, notable actors, are divorcing after 12 years of marriage and apparently are keeping drama at a minimum. The pair is divorcing due to "irreconcilable differences" and without much of the explosive media attention other divorced celebrities continue to attract. Both are representing themselves in the proceedings.

While Cox and Arquette may be able to represent themselves throughout the process of their divorce without much issue, this is not always possible for divorcing couples. Even those who are able to set their differences aside long enough to cooperate through the process can find benefit from knowledgeable assistance. Divorce is a difficult process with much at stake for high asset couples, and it can be complicated when individuals are unfamiliar with all aspects of it.

Cooperation can still be key for Cincinnati couples as they move through a high asset divorce. It is understandable that emotions can be high, and there can be serious tension between couples who are breaking up their marriage. Even so, only more negative feelings can collect when a divorce is difficult and drawn out, so working together can allow couples to quickly move past this and onto a new, independent life.

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