Preparing for marriage is a happy time when Cincinnati couples are focused on their future together. They don't often imagine the possibility of divorce, despite the trend that suggests that one in two marriages will end in divorce. Divorce can be messy, and while it may seem unromantic, working out prenuptial agreements can do a lot to make the process easier should the couple find themselves in that situation in the future.

Prenuptial agreements are designed to not only protect the assets an individual brings into a marriage, but also works out how future earnings and investments will be treated in the event of a divorce. Some individuals might also want to set up protections for a family business or parental trusts that could be lost in a bitter divorce battle. Additionally, these agreements can outline ways that shared marital property will be divided between spouses.

For any couple, whether engaged or already married, it is recommended that each spouse know as much about the other's finances as possible. In a marriage, these finances come together in a way some compare to a business partnership. Full disclosure is one of the best ways to ensure each spouse is an equal partner in this business, and prenuptial agreements are a way to legally require this disclosure.

It is suggested that, when working out prenuptial agreements, couples take time well before their wedding day to fully discuss their finances and peacefully make decisions about their financial futures. These discussions may not be romantic, but savvy Cincinnati couples recognize that financial stability, both now and in the future, is just as central to a healthy partnership as wine and roses. No one can predict a divorce at the beginning of a marriage, but being financially smart and prepared can make the process simpler in the event that divorce becomes necessary.

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