When a Cincinnati couple divorces, it can feel like a very personal experience for the two individuals divorcing. When children are involved, it can be difficult to separate oneself from the emotions of dissolving a marriage to focus on cooperating to make positive child custody decisions. In fact, research suggests that when parents focus on their children instead of problems in a changing relationship, this can help divorced parents be better parents for their children.

A recent study conducted by a professor of Human Development and Family Studies at a leading university interviewed 20 different women who were in a situation of shared child custody with their former partners. Of these, approximately half reported positive relationships with their ex-partners, while the other half reported negative relationships. What is notable, though, is that of those who had a positive relationship with their former partner, many experienced a change from combative to cordial over the time following their divorce.

The women who experienced a positive relationship with their ex-partner also reported that they felt their ex-partner was a responsible parent to their shared children. Additionally, they communicated with their ex-partner regularly from telephone calls to text messages. These families were able to peacefully split their children's time between both parents and without much conflict.

It's understandable that a divorcing couple will deal with a lot of personal emotions during such a tumultuous time. However, it is made apparent by these women that a cooperative relationship will improve the ability of a child to adjust to their new family scenario. For Cincinnati couples, it may be most beneficial to seek this cooperation from the very beginning: the formation of a child custody agreement. When this isn't possible, parents who seek to move toward a positive relationship will greatly benefit the children involved.

Source: Psych Central News, "Focus on Kids Eases Conflict for Divorced Parents," Janice Wood, Aug. 16, 2012