Ohio parents who are getting divorced may feel guilty about putting their children through such trying times. They want to spare their children any emotional trauma. In appropriate cases, a collaborative divorce can go a long way in helping parents achieve this goal.

Couples who can sit down and come to mutually satisfactory conclusions on often difficult issues such as child custody, spousal support and property division can foster a cooperative spirit that avoids the family discord that can take place in divorce litigation. Besides potential reductions in stress, a collaborative approach offers couples the ability to fashion their own terms instead of having them imposed by a court.

Aside from the legal process of divorce, parents can take a number of steps to minimize the effect of the separation on the children. One is to refrain from undermining or demeaning one's former spouse in front of the children. Heated emotions can run high during and after a divorce, but children are not the appropriate audience with which to share them. Parents should also not make their children into their therapists. Problems are best shared with other adults.

Ohio couples that are contemplating divorce can take the first step towards a smooth adjustment for their children by agreeing to work together despite their differences. As part of an overall approach to the divorce process, a collaborative divorce can help children during the adjustment to the new family dynamic. Just because the marriage was perhaps a little bumpy towards the end does not mean that the divorce cannot go more smoothly.

Source: Huffington Post, "Attention, Guilt-Ridden Divorced Parents!" Christina Pesoli, Aug. 31, 2012