Failing celebrity marriages seem to dominate the news these days. A celebrity divorce is often a high asset divorce, and when Ohio residents read a story about a celebrity divorce where the ex-spouse gets half of an actor's assets, people tend to take notice. For one reason or another, those celebrity couples didn't have a prenuptial agreement.

One such couple, Kelsey Grammar and his now ex-wife Camille, have finally reached a settlement. Kelsey Grammar is giving Camille half of his fortune, nearly $30 million. Why didn't they have a prenuptial agreement? Sources say that when Kelsey and Camille Grammar were initially married, it was a bad time in Kelsey's life. He purportedly had a drug problem and was nearly broke. Camille helped him turn his life around and together, they rebuilt his fortune to an estimated $60 million.

Their divorce was final in the early weeks of 2011, but they were not able to reach a settlement until recently. They have not even been able to get along long enough to come to a settlement. It would be nice if they could have gotten along and worked out the details of their divorce settlement with a minimum of fuss and a spirit of cooperation, but as it is, they left the negotiations to others.

As a lot of Ohio divorcees can attest, it isn't always possible to get along. Having help with the issues is essential in any high asset divorce, but when the couple can't even be in the same room together, it becomes vital. Even then, there may still be an issue for the courts to decide. The one thing all couples can agree on is that they want to get on with their lives, and sometimes, that means getting others involved.

Source: Huff Post, "Camille Grammer Divorce Settlement Details Emerge, 'Housewives' Star Gets $30 Million," Cavan Sieczkowski, Sep. 7, 2012