By now, most of Ohio knows that Russell Crowe and his wife are getting divorced. Like many other celebrity couples that have prenuptial agreements, Crowe and his wife will be hashing out their divorce settlement in accordance with the terms they established before they tied the knot. It appears that the majority of Crowe's fortune will be protected by the prenuptial agreement, but his wife will still walk away with a substantial settlement.

According to the agreement, she became entitled to a minimum of $15 million when the marriage lasted more than three years. The couple wed in 2003. Crowe has made a reported $150 million from his acting career and owns real estate worth approximately $50 million. That does not include other investments he has made and money he has promised to his children.

The final details of the settlement may not be known for some time, but reports are that Crowe's wife will get approximately $25 million, $10 million over what the prenuptial agreement guaranteed her. Other details about the terms of the agreement are not known.

Prenuptial agreements are not just for the rich and famous. No longer seen as a reflection of a couple's cynical assessment of their marriage, these contracts are gaining popularity and have the potential to save an Ohio couple from having to litigate the dissolution of their marriage if they should get divorced. Most issues can be settled in this manner as long as the agreement complies with state laws. In order to make sure that a prenuptial agreement will not be declared invalid in the event of a divorce, a couple seeking one should seek professional advice and assistance in drafting and executing the document.

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