Ohio couples may already be aware that one of the biggest issues to tackle during divorce is what should be done with the family home. When a couple is working together and taking full advantage of what the collaborative divorce process has to offer, the decision can be made with the best interest of the whole family in mind. More than that, once the decision is made, this process can also help ensure that the hope is accurately valued.

In today's economy, it may be more necessary than ever to be sure that a couple gets an accurate assessment of the value of their home in relation to the Ohio real estate market. This is especially true since the majority of real estate appraisals are done using the sales prices of comparable homes in the immediate area of the home in question. This value could be very different from the value assigned to the home by the local property tax assessor depending on local real estate activity. Any appraiser the couple relies on should have extensive experience in the couple's area.

Other things can affect the value of a home as well. Upgrades and special features in a home are only as valuable as the potential buyer believes them to be. Real estate appraisers that understand the current market will also understand how these modifications will be perceived, and therefore, how they will factor into the overall market price of the home. The bottom line may be that the value of the family home needs to be accurately assessed in order to ensure that asset is fairly distributed in a divorce.

The divorce process alone is never easy, but adding real estate issues to it can be frustrating. A couple that is able to work together and use the collaborative divorce process may find this frustrating process a little easier. Some people may decide that one person should take possession of the home or others may decide to sell the home and divide the sale's proceeds. Knowing that both parties are working together and not at odds purposes can help the decision making process go more smoothly.

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