Ohio residents may be aware of the fact that former NFL player Deion Sanders is embroiled in a contentious divorce. The most contentious issues in the divorce seem to center on child custody and child support. The couple recently attended a court hearing that seemed to be dedicated to those issues.

The hearing was in anticipation of the divorce trial which is currently scheduled to occur in March. Several outstanding issues including temporary custody and child support were dealt with at the hearing. With both parents seeking full custody of the couple's three children, the judge has decided to interview the children himself before making any determination regarding custody.

The children's counselor testified to the court that the children are stressed, anxious and frustrated regarding the divorce of their parents. The way these children are feeling may be considered normal for children whose parents are getting divorced. However, these feelings seem to be amplified in this case by the fact that the children's parents don't seem to be following previously scheduled visitation, there have been incidents involving the police, and allegations of abuse.

Divorce is never easy and can be downright grueling when the couple is embattled on the issues of child custody and child support. Ohio couples that are dealing with custody issues may understand what Deion Sanders and his wife are going through. Having to deal with these kinds of private issues in open court may be bad enough, but having to deal with them in the public eye must be untenable. Hopefully, they will be able to put aside their differences and settle these issues among themselves. After all, couples don't stop being parents just because their marriage is over.

Source: The Dallas Morning News, "Deion and Pilar Sanders divorce hearing focuses on kids' well-being," Valerie Wigglesworth, Jan. 9, 2013