Now that the new year has begun, there are many Ohio couples that will move forward with their decision to divorce. Many couples will be announcing to their friends and family that they are ending their marriage. How they decide to end their marriage is as important as the decision to divorce. Using the collaborative divorce process can help things go more smoothly.

The increase in divorce filings at the beginning of the year seems to come from one of two sources; either the couple wanted to spare their family or friends during the holidays, or something happened during the holidays that solidified the couple's desire to end their marriage. Either way, once the decision is made, the parties may want to put their feelings aside in order to focus on the divorce. Being able to end the marriage amicably can go a long way toward helping not only the couple but the whole family with the transition.

There are practical reasons for waiting until the new year begins to file for divorce. Financially, it may be easier to get an accurate picture of the family's finances through year end statements. Gathering these documents as soon as possible will help in dealing with issues such as property division, spousal support, and child support.

Ohio couples that are able to put aside their differences may benefit from collaborative divorce. Judges encourage couples to work out as many, if not all, of their issues outside of the court room. The more issues that a couple is able to work out on their own, the better chance the family has of moving forward on a positive note. Divorce doesn't have to be contentious. It can be a positive experience that leaves the family with hope for the future.

Source: Huff Post, "When Divorce Is A New Year's Resolution," Alton Abramowitz, Dec. 28, 2012