Most people in Ohio have known for some time that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have been separated since last Nov. as we last reported on Nov. 13 ("Ohio high asset divorce: Moore and Kutcher have yet to file"). After a little more than a year of separation, Ashton Kutcher has finally filed divorce papers to end his marriage to Demi Moore. Many people may wonder what took so long to file this undoubtedly high asset divorce.

It may depend on who is asked what the reason for the delay has been. The couple never had children, so that has never been a consideration. According to reports, Kutcher has indicated that he wanted to give Moore the opportunity to file first. Since she never did, he decided it was time.

According to other reports, Moore has been waiting to resolve some financial issues between them. It has been said that Moore wants the same type of financial settlement she received in her divorce from Bruce Willis even though she is wealthier than Kutcher. The details of her settlement with Bruce Willis are not known. However, it has been said that she was well taken care of by Willis.

Regardless of what the reasons are for the wait, this highly anticipated divorce is moving forward. Ohio couples that are involved in a high asset divorce may be able to sympathize with Moore in her desire to settle the financial aspects of the divorce prior to filing. If they are able to reach an agreement outside of court, they will not be required to publicly negotiate the finances involved. Many couples may find it preferable to put off actually filing the papers in court while negotiating the terms of the divorce. Having an already properly documented divorce settlement will not only speed up the court process, but it may ensure that the couple's finances do not end up as part of the public record.

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