There are many Ohio couples getting a divorce that are unsure of how to split their financial assets in the event of a divorce. Having a financial adviser to assist with this process could be invaluable. This is one area where collaborative divorce can be helpful.

As part of the collaborative divorce process, a financial adviser may be brought in to help a couple to value their assets and determine how best they should be split. Financial assets such as stocks, bonds, 401Ks or other tax-deferred accounts may require special treatment and advice that a divorce attorney may not fully understand. Having access to a financial adviser may be able to keep a couple from making a financial misstep that could cost both of them in the long run.

A financial adviser can also help determine the tax ramifications of whatever decisions are being made by the couple. The other consideration is how a split of the assets will affect the children of the marriage. Looking forward to college and/or inheritance issues may not be something the couple would think about on their own in the middle of a divorce since many couples may be focusing on the short term and not able to see much beyond the immediate future.

A financial adviser may not be able to get every Ohio couple to a 50/50 split of the assets, but may help reach an equitable and fair solution that satisfies both parties. This is in line with the goals of collaborative divorce, whose process is about reaching a settlement that allows the couple to end their marriage amicably. When a couple is able to work together in order to deal with their financial issues, the process may go much more smoothly.

Source:, "Financial Advisers Can Help Separate The Assets During Divorce," Gary M. Stern, Jan. 25, 2013