There are some couples in Ohio that have decided to end their marriages, but hold no animosity toward each other. For these couples, collaborative divorce may be the best way to have a friendly divorce. Being able to end a marriage amicably can be especially important for couples with children.

The tenor of the divorce could carry over into the post-divorce parental relationship. Keeping thoughts on the children may be a way for those couples that aren't entirely amicable to refocus their energy on working together during the divorce. Regardless of the fact that the couple no longer wants to be married, they will always be parents.

This is not to say that couples that don't have children couldn't benefit from an amicable divorce. Being able to move into the future knowing that the end of the marriage wasn't fraught with anger, hurt and resentment could help both parties move on with their lives. Knowing that each party was focused on a fair and equitable settlement can go a long way toward healing.

Collaborative divorce can help Ohio couples achieve these goals with its team approach. The couple would not only have access to an attorney, but also professionals such as financial advisers and counselors. Having a team to help deal with conflicts that may arise during settlement negotiations could make the process go more smoothly. Just because a couple has ended their marriage, that doesn't mean the divorce has to be contentious. Focusing on how the couple will feel after the divorce and how they will interact if they have children may give the couple a way to look forward to the future.

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