Ohio fans of Demi Moore may already know that she has finally filed papers responding to Ashton Kutcher's initial divorce filing in December that we previously reported on Jan. 3 ("Ohio high asset divorce: Ashton Kutcher finally files the papers"). This high asset divorce could turn ugly as a result of Moore's response since Moore has decided to seek spousal support and wants Kutcher to pay her legal fees. Any hopes of an amicable resolution to their divorce may have passed.

It has been reported that Kutcher is now the highest paid man on television. There are some that believe that Kutcher would not have made as much money as he has if he had not been married to Moore. As such, a case may be made that the fame Kutcher gained by being married to Moore led to his financial success. Just how much Moore attributed to Kutcher's fame will be up to the courts.

There are many spouses in Ohio that may be able to empathize with Moore. Many spouses put the other spouse through college or otherwise support them in their career aspirations only to be left behind in the event of a divorce. Like Kutcher, there are those who believe they don't owe the other spouse for that spouse's part in his or her success.

It is when spouses disagree on this issue that a high asset divorce can wind up in court. If a couple is unable to come to an agreement on spousal support or asset division that is satisfactory to both parties, they will undoubtedly end up before a judge that will make those decisions for them. It is rare that both parties leave a courtroom satisfied with the outcome. Only time will tell if Moore and Kutcher are the exception or the rule.

Source: Los Angeles Times, "Demi Moore files divorce papers, responding to Ashton Kutcher," Christie D'zurilla, March 7, 2013