Many Ohio couples that get divorced may find they have trouble disposing of one very large marital asset--the family home. In today's real estate market, it may not be as easy to figure out what to do with the family home as it was prior to the beginning of the recession. By working together, couples can avoid litigation when comes to determining the fate of the marital home.

Basically, there are two options when it comes what to do with the family home. The home can either be sold or one party can retain the home and refinance the mortgage. For many couples, selling the home may be the easier decision financially. One of the truths about divorce is that a household that may have had two incomes during the marriage is now becoming two households with one income each.

It may not be feasible for one party to retain the family home. With banks making it more difficult to obtain financing for mortgages, refinancing may not be an option. In this case, putting the house on the market may be the best choice economically. Having to make this decision may be difficult; especially if the couple has children.

The divorce settlement will need to address what is to be done with the family home regardless of the couple's decision on its disposition. Since this is such an important decision for the whole family, both parties may be more satisfied with the outcome if the couple can avoid litigation over what to do with the house. Having an Ohio court make this important of a decision for a couple may leave both parties unsatisfied and disappointed.

Source:, "When Divorce Divides a Home--Literally," Jeff Brown, April 11, 2013