The movie and television industries have a tendency to portray divorce as a hard fought court battle filled with warring attorneys and spouses. In reality, it doesn't have to be that way. Ohio couples may not know or understand the benefits of using the collaborative divorce process.

The main goal of the process is to encourage the parties to work together and cooperate in order to come to the best settlement possible for that particular family. It involves a team concept with therapists, attorneys, financial advisers and appraisers; just to name a few. Any expert that may help the couple come to a fair and equitable settlement can be used.

One of the biggest advantages of this process is that the couple can avoid litigation. There won't be a judge setting deadlines for the couple and attorneys won't be spending time meeting court deadlines and filing pleadings. Instead, the couple will have the freedom to set their own timetable and how that time is spent. It is often less expensive as well.

For Ohio couples that have children, the collaborative divorce process can provide a smoother transition with less stress and upset than a traditional divorce. In addition, the spirit of cooperation that can be developed through the process may carry over into the couple's post-divorce relationship; this can be particularly advantageous for couples with children. The ability to get along and work together for the good of the children may not be as difficult. Of course, this process is not a magic pill; there will still be difficulties that need to be worked through by the couple and possibly the children. This is one of the primary reasons that a therapist is included in the team.

Source:, "Collaborative Divorce Offers Options To Court Battles," Derry London, March 21, 2013