Many Ohio couples that are getting divorced are naturally focused on getting through the process. The business of ending a marriage is not fun and can take all of a couple's energy. Many couples may not take the time to think about how they are going to live after the divorce is final. Collaborative divorce can offer a couple the tools necessary to successfully transition into a single household.

By involving not only an attorney, but also a financial advisor in a divorce, a couple has the opportunity to go through their collective finances to see how best to divide them. However, it can also be taken one step further by helping each party come up with a budget for their post-divorce life. Not only will each party benefit from this after the divorce, but it may also help the couple decide how to split their assets.

This can be particularly important if one person was in charge of the finances during the marriage. The involvement of the party that was not responsible for the finances varies from couple to couple. Those that were more involved may have a greater level of comfort than a party that was not involved in the family's finances. There are many divorces in Ohio where one party has no idea what the assets of the couple were prior to the divorce, and that party does not receive everything they are entitled to a as result.

Collaborative divorce operates on the assumption that both parties are willing to work together in order to reach a mutually satisfactory settlement. Couples that use this process for their divorce are often open about the family finances and are attempting to ensure that both parties are financially stable after the divorce is final. This means that if one party wasn't involved in the finances before the divorce, they will hopefully walk away from the marriage not only understanding the family's finances, but also with at least a basic understanding of how to handle their individual finances now that they are no longer together.

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