With an alarmingly high divorce rate in our country, many couples are looking for ways to ensure their marriage will last. One way that many couples do this is by entering into a premarital agreement. These agreements are no longer just about how things will be handled if the couple gets divorced, but can now also address certain topics that could otherwise be barriers to a happy relationship.

Younger couples in Ohio may have watched their parents and their friends' parents constantly argue and clash over certain lifestyle preferences. For example, one partner may enjoy one kind of music, while the other partner can't stand to listen to it. Eventually, the music became the expression of everything that had gone wrong in the marriage. Now, a couple may stipulate in their prenuptial agreement that each partner may engage in their favorite hobby only at certain times for a predetermined length of time.

This is just one example of a lifestyle issue that a couple may want to deal with prior to getting married. Every couple in Ohio has fears about whether their marriage will last. The hope is that adding these so called "lifestyle clauses" to their prenuptial agreement will give them some added insurance that they won't become part of our country's divorce statistics.

Couples that want to have a premarital agreement that includes these types of clauses may benefit from the assistance of someone that is familiar with our state's statutes and procedures for drafting and executing a valid agreement. An agreement that complies with all of the laws and regulations set forth by the state has a better chance of being upheld in court. It is possible that one of these lifestyle clauses may not be enforceable in court, but that shouldn't stop a couple that believes it will help their marriage from including one in their agreement.

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